Conflict And Confusion Of Cartography
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Click to read :32 AM: The inbuilt ear alarm jerks me awake. The sunrise lamp is shining strongly on my face while my air purifier blows the steady morning
Click to read One January evening, in 2021, it was raining cats and dogs. And I was snuggling my pillow, scared by the sound of thunder that accompanied t
Click to read Any new venture, no matter how fueled by passion it is, demands a lot of daring; such is the case of The Bookshop Inc as well. The name migh
Click to read GirlUp Gauravi, the GirlUp chapter of AIS Noida and all Amity International Schools in India and overseas conducted a symposium cum interact
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The Global Times Poll

As 40% of students struggle to find placement across IITs, what do you think is the reason for the same?
a) Low paying job offers
b) Increase in batch sizes
c) Tech industry slowdown

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Painting By : Mekhla Singh, Riya Mahjan & Vashisthi Bansal, AUUP, B.Tech
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