Mr. Fixit

Are you duped?

Anwesha Padhy, AIS Mayur Vihar

In today’s world, where everyone is yearning for quick big bucks, cheating consumers is not something unheard of. It’s easy to fool an unaware consumer, educated or otherwise. “Once I asked the shopkeeper for 2 kg mangoes but what I got in return was just a handful,” says Aagosh Kapoor, a student. He did not raise his voice nor did he ask for re-weighing thinking that it would be a waste of time and effort. That’s what most of us do. Don’t we? Ignoring problems and not taking them time you go shopping just check the weights before buying anything.
Adulteration is the worst of the practices used for profit making. The milk you drink, may not be all that nutritious. Adds homemaker Anukriti Saini, “The milk had become watery, ie, even though we ordered full cream milk there was no sign of the cream. I immediately switched to tetra-packed milk.”
One method of beating the cheats is buying packed groceries rather than the ‘loose’ and unhealthier alternatives. Also, check the manufacture and expiry dates of the goods that you buy. In case of electrical equipment, remember to test the items before purchasing. Look out for the hallmark sign while buying gold and make it a point not to buy pirated goods. And, always ask for a bill. Comply with these and the chances of you being duped will reduce to nil.


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