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Dear Editor,

While the differences between India and the United States seem infinite, at Amity Mayur Vihar we realize that some things cross cultures. The cluster of kids waiting for chocolate cones at the canteen and the teachers scolding kids for running through the halls can be seen at almost every American high school. And the scene at Amity, Mayur Vihar is also more or less similar. The lines of similarity don’t just end at the students, but cross through the school newspapers too. While ‘The Global Times’ and ‘The Boise High Weekly’ vary, the way they are created is the same. 

Movie reviews, sports articles, comics, and reflections decorate the colourful pages of both newspapers. Although there are small differences, the theme remains the same. Instead of an article about the AFYIP, an American newspaper might have a write-up about how to ace your SATs. A similar layout is also used, with catchy headlines, vibrant pictures, and short but sweet articles. Halfway around the world, kids are still alike, and school newspapers definitely reflect that. In the States, newspaper editors are constantly in a state of motion, badgering their reporters for their past-deadline articles.  But no matter how hectic the craze that surrounds a newspaper, things come together at the last minute, and the paper always comes out on time. A newspaper is a very important part of a school. It not only gives the students a voice, it shows the personality of the school. I have grown to love Amity’s spirit and feel so lucky to have been able to contribute to Amity’s unique personality.

Hannah Schwarz, Elizabeth Bigelow & Shoshanna Goldin









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