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Austerity ke side effects
Shivangi Mittal, AIS Gurgaon Sector 43

The elan of the noble ‘austerity drive’ by the UPA government in September, saw the politicians all over the country shift from their oh-so-luxurious business class seats to the not so comfortable ones- cattle…oops! economy class. But what if this goes on forever? Here’s a list of things that are bound to change due to these acts of condescension...

Unemployment - Well, this could be a term that is soon forgotten. Anybody and everybody could become a rickshaw wala or pull a horse cart. And you never know, most of them might just end up rearing cows and buffaloes.

Solitary Reapers - The airport officials could just end up being all alone on the airport. After all if Rahulji can travel by train , why not us..? You never know, Vijay Mallya might just end up buying another sports team!!
Roads to heaven- When the netas have to travel by the roads, which are in a very pitiable condition, they will realise the plight of the people who go through the torture everyday, and the roads will  be mended- hopefully!

The Dhakkans-
The wide gaping potholes will finally be covered, but don’t expect that to happen until one or two of our netas fall into it.

Tata Bailgadis-
After the very affordable Nano, next just might be a very cheap Bailgadi..!! But, no, you won’t get a buffalo free...!!!

B.R.T- Taking a cue from Shashi Tharoor’s statement, B.R.T will be renamed as -Bhains Rapid Transit !!!! So enjoy the attention while you get it....!!!




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