Its IPL again

Aarushi Jain, AIS Mayur Vihar

Full stadiums and busy sofas underline the pull of India’s all singing Twenty 20 league-IPL. Last year, it had a breathtaking start and a stunning finish. Where all this leaves other forms of cricket is unclear. But it is safe to say that all bets about preserving this or protecting that would be dead forever. The all-singing Twenty-20 tournament based on eight city franchises owned by a mixture of tycoons and film stars and played, paradoxically, by the world’s greatest performers. Grounds were all but full and quite as importantly Indian television and audiences went through the ceiling. What added to the success of the format was the nature of the audiences. People who had never before shown any interest in a cricket-crazy country were utterly engrossed. This had given the sport a new life because there were growing concerns that football was swiftly encroaching. However, what is really important to note is the impact the recent terror attacks will have on the current IPL.
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