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Friendship Messages

To Shreya Bansal
Good friendship doesn’t need any promises, any terms or conditions. It just needs two wonderful people - one cool like me and one cute like you.
Nandini Deipakk, AIS Gurgaon -43

To Ishita,
Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest, who came first or who cares the best. It’s all
about who came and never left. That’s you!
Harman Taneja, AIS ED

To My lovely friend Reyanka
The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile; it’s the spiritual inspiration that comes to one, when s/he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship. One such friend is you.
Procheta Chattaraj, AIS Gur 43

To Manvika and Kusha,
A memory lasts for ever and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say good bye! And this is our friendship.

To Ojaswini,
No special words, no drama, nothing impressive, only a small thing from the bottom of my heart. Wish you a very cute smile. Forever.
Harman Taneja, AIS ED

To Malika, Mehak, Raghavi, Dhwani,
Here’s wishing you a great life ahead. May God bless you all.
Palak Grover, AIS ED

To Raghav Mittal & Abhishek Soni,
Friends are many but the best is the one who knows your secrets but hasn’t told anyone as yet.
Aditya, AIS Noida

To Ria AIS Noida
I will battle with time and trash all
hurdles to take you to your destination because your happy face is my
Isha Gupta AIS ED

To Savi, Chitra, Yakshi & Alankrita,
When I was upset, you stopped me from getting sunken eyes.
When I was happy,
you cried with me tears of joy.
You kept encouraging me, even when I failed,
You appreciated me for whatever I am.
All I want to say is
THANKS for being there for me.
Ruchismita.  AIS Vasundhara

Issue Vi

Message for teacher’s day

To all the teachers on this earth- a tribute from the cadets of Amity Indian Military
College, IMT Manesar

The Teacher King
Teacher, O teacher! You’re the golden light
Children, we children, buds blooming bright
Teach us, O teacher, taking off our first flight
Want, we do want, tiding over tide
Hear, O hear, hither has been no great man ever
Without you, O teacher, who made him so clever?
God save the teacher! My heart doth this sing
Maker of the kings, a teacher, hail the Teacher King
Aman Singh Class X, AIMC

Teacher! You mean the most to us
We would have been dumb creatures
Had we not had such  good teachers
We would have ever been cheating
Had it not been for their teaching
Never would we have learnt to strive
Had they not been by our side
They have always shown us the way
So, we say “A Happy Teacher’s Day”
Pranoy Yadav, Class IX,  AIMC

Teacher is a lamp-post
At cross roads of life
He removes darkness
From dim lit minds
Good students are rare
To come across today
Still rarer is a good teacher
A salute to them on Teacher’s Day
Tanay Arora, Class XI,  AIMC
Priestly Teachers
School is a temple of knowledge
Teachers are scholarly priests
What they teach we must heed
Their teaching is a holy speech
We are devotees, they are deities
We must learn what they teach
Vibhav S Mishra, Class IX,  AIMC

To my inspiration Sampurna Mam,
This is for you Ma’am, for the only person I’ve ever come across with such an enigmatic personality. There are not enough words in the world to illustrate my respect and adoration for you. Though you taught English to us all, you taught me something even more than that. All the valuable moments, when you taught us, have been preserved in my life as some of the most memorable ones. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I was watching you Ma’am and learning how to live life to the best. You came and turned the class in to a magical place. I thank you for all the appreciation and scolding that made me a better person. I wish you could teach us forever, so that I could be lost in the magical place that you created with your magic wand. Thank you for everything!
Chitra Jain, AIS Vasundhara

To. Nandita Mam, Bhaswati Mam & Manju Mam
I may not say it always, but I mean it whenever I say it. Thank you teacher for all the things you have done for me. I found guidence, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person. Wherever I go in life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher.
Alankrita Srivastava, AIS Vasundhara

A teacher tells, a good teacher explains, while a true teacher inspires. Thank you Ma’am for being a true teacher and making me what I am. It was your duty, just to teach us drama, instead in the process you accidently taught us the lessons of life.
Anantdeep singh, AIS Noida

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. Thank you teacher for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today.
Divya Vishwanadh, AIS Noida

Teachers, I would simply like to summarize my feelings in two short words – THANK YOU! No matter how many silly questions I come up with, not complete the homework, assignments or try to bunk classes but in my heart of heart, I honour, respect & treasure your role of being our GURUS”
Ashima Khanna, AIS Noida

For teaching children lessons,
to help them as they grow,
Let this gift remind you,
You’re the best teacher we know!
I chose this special poem because I wanted you to know,
That I’m grateful for your hard work in helping me to grow.
For your constant understanding and for always being there,
To tell me I can do it and to show me that you care!
Anushree Mohananey AIS Sect 46

Issue VII

Founder’s Day Messages

October 24 holds a very special place in my life. It’s a day I celebrate the birthday of my Friend, Philosopher and Guide. His wisdom, vision and mission have revolutionised the face of education. A dutiful son, a caring brother, a guiding father, a supportive husband and a benevolent educationist, he surpassed every aspiration, shaping the lives of millions. Dear Founder President, I proudly celebrate this day, with the Universe you built, as the Founder’s Day. May we continue to prosper under your guiding light.

Options are many
But the choice is one
He who is the leader
Has been chosen to be one
To lead is not easy
It’s a tough task
But leaders make it easy
That’s what makes them stand apart
A true leader sets the lead
And takes many along with him
He plants the seeds
And sees it shape out
He makes sure it grows and blooms
And it benefits all
Kirti Tandon, AIS PV

A dedicated person who has a gem of a heart,
His soul and mind are the first to think and start
A fabulous person who has a gem of a  heart,
His love and care  melt like a chocolate tart.
He is a superpower, who has gifted Amity
the power to live and grow,
He makes India proud as if he is a diamond
that continues to show,
I wish him a very happy birthday
as it is indeed a memorable moment
when every Amitian is united
and with true knowledge - enlightened.
Soham Gupta, VII-D AIS Noida

Billy Mills said,“God’s gift to man is his life and man’s repayment of this endowment is what he does with his life.” Once in a while we come across someone who truly fulfills this maxim. Our Founder President is one such rare example of a person who has combined vision and devotion marvelously only to end up reaching the pinnacle of success. On his birthday, I would just like to wish him all the love and luck from the bottom of my heart!
Shivika Naveen, XII-B AIS Saket 

Let your best side shine,
for all the world to see and hear.
Believe in Y-O-U,
and to yourself be true.
Your inspiring words, dear Sir
help us all to be the best.
We seek your blessing,
and wish you from our heart.
Be our guiding light,
today, tomorrow and forever.
Happy Birthday Sir!
 Nikhil Chowdhary, VI-D AIS ED

You are a paragon of ethereal countenance. Serenity oozes out from every iota of your personality. You are our model of excellence. Wish you a very happy birthday and may you keep motivating us like you always have. Happy Birthday Sir!
Ishita Bedi, VII, AIS ED

Many dream high but only few have the conviction to turn them into reality so successfully.Who can be a better example of that than you, Sir! Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Wish you a long and healthy life ahead.
Ashima Khanna,  XII, AIS Noida

We don’t need candles twinkling in the dark
to see in your eyes the wishful spark
You’ve taught us that the universe surrounds
with possibilities all around
May your every dream come true
and you attain all that you desire.
Vipanchi Handa, AIS Saket

Where ignorance is darkness    You are the light
Where vision is hazy
You are the sight
Thanks Founder President Sir
For making your presence felt
In every Amitian’s life.
Sumedha Sharma, VII A, AIS P V

The Founder President of Amity We love thee, adore thee
On the eve of Founder’s Day
With solemn heart we pray
May your cause be fulfilled soon
To make India swell and boom
Seeds of Amity were sown
To herald a refreshing dawn
Your mission makes us feel proud
It’s lofty beyond any doubt
How festive Amity looks today !
To wish you A Happy Birthday
Purushottam & Arjun Sharma,
XII-AIMC, Manesar

You care for us and everyone
You make us smile when we are glum
You are a live and cheerful person
Your life is an exemplary mission
Radiating magnanimity in your vision
A man of perfection and great action
You are cut to serve the nation
We hail you today and everyday
We wish you a Happy Birthday
Chaitanya, X-AIMC, Manesar

On this very special occasion, I  wish a lot of success and happiness for our guide and mentor who is truly inspirational for all of us. No celebration is big enough to encompass all the lives you have nurtured through your benign presence.
Nikita Ojha, XII, AIS Gur 43

Your commitment and dedication to education, your passion and genuine love for students has nurtured Amitians and has assisted them in realizing their true potential. You have always been enormously helpful and supportive to us. You are a pivotal part of a very successful team that makes Amity one of the best schools in the country. ‘Thank You’ for being there for us always.
Tamanna Dhawan, VII D
AIS, Sec46, Gur

Respected Founder President Sir,
With a special gift for learning And with a heart that deeply cares,
You add a lot of love
To everything you share,
And even though
You mean a lot,
You’ll never know how much
For you helped
To change the world
Through every life you touched.
You sparked the creativity
In the students whom you taught,
And helped them strive for goals
That could not be bought.
We make a wish and you give us wings
We dream of bright and beautiful things.
Happy Birthday!
Chirag Agarwal, VII C,
AIS, Sector 46, Gurgaon

Charismatic, enigmatic, benevolent and great
These are a few of your personality traits.
Joy, happiness, contentment and peace,
May you always receive.
As a mentor you’ve always been near.
Sir, you’re the one whom we find most dear.
Happy Birthday!
Swaraj Bose, VII A, AIS Vasundhra

For you Sir, a birthday wish. You’re the one whom all Amitians cherish.
A guiding star you’ve always been,
A person like you is hardly seen.
May you keep guiding us incessantly
And may God bless you abundantly.
Prakhar Agarwal,
VII A, AIS Vasundhra

Messages from all Principals of Amity International Schools

Your valuable contribution in the field of education over the years, your  philosophy to promote universal education and understanding to the benefit of all, your relentless and unshakeable optimism and above all your profound vision, leadership and commitment to excellence have been a great source of inspiration to all Amitians.  Sir, you have  exemplified that it’s not years in our life that count, but the life in our years that make a difference. And that the most significant and splendid achievement of all is to surpass ourselves and be worthy of our own approval. On behalf of all the members of the staff and students, I wish you a very happy birthday and  many, many more years of good health, success and prosperity.
Mrs. Mohina Dar
Principal, AIS Noida

His dream is unique,
Even bigger, his conviction
His strength, a clear vision
Cherished with commitment
Executed more like a mission.
His life, an incredible reality
An embodiment of unity
With unflinching faith in Almighty
A symbol of success and prosperity
He is the founder of our Amity
For him, “We wish a life larger than life
To inspire us to learn and strive” 
Dr (Mrs) Shabnam Pandit
Principal, AIMC

World crowns him with unprecedented glory,
For he has the will to turn obstacles into a success story.
With unwavering commitment and humble disposition,
He infuses a new life into the society and nation.
For students he is a real role model,
Who motivates his followers with amazing splendour.
I extend my warmest wishes on his Birthday for his good health, everlasting happiness and magnanimous mission.
Sarita Aggarwal
Principal, AIS East Delhi

Your birthday is a very special occasion for all of us. We feel blessed to have you as our guiding star and wish you the choicest gifts of good health, prosperity, success and fame. We join our hands in solemn prayer -That the almighty may grant you long life enriched by your accomplishments. A peaceful smile on your lips that many may learn a lesson from. Many deeds of welfare that the world shall always feel grateful for. And may every moment of these years to come, be a moment in history, that generations will cherish, forever.
Dr. (Mrs.) Rekha Ranade,
Principal,AIS, Sec-43, Gurgaon

A person who is rock-steady in his beliefs and convictions. A visionary who dreams of taking his country to its right destination On this special day, we extend our heartiest wishes to this legend and assure that the hard work and efficiency will meet its right end. The purpose and direction in which you are working will surely be accomplished and pleasing. May God bring success and glory to you. Your dreams will become a reality and come true.
Shashi Ranjan
Principal, AIS Vasundhra

An institution is a long shadow of its creator and reflects the ideologies of the one at its helm. You, honourable Sir have the Midas touch which can change the ordinary into the extraordinary; to have the insight of a sculptor who can mould clay to master pieces and the vision of a sear to see beyond today into the future. May you always be there to show us the way by creating new pathways.
Happy Birthday!  
Ameeta Mohan
Principal, AIS, Pushp Vihar

On your birthday we celebrate your unconquered spirit, inimitable qualities that empower you to meet every challenge with vision and perseverance. You synergise sterling qualities of mind and heart. Truly, you are the architect of the future and the changed world order. On your birthday we wish you sunshine each day May good health, peace and perfect harmony follow you As you lead us all to a glorious India and the world, Happy Birthday Sir.
Bharti Sharma
Principal, AIS Saket

AIS Sect 46, Gurgaon has come a long way indeed, under your guidance and blessings.  We hope to continue thriving onwards and promise to fulfil your expectations. We hope and pray that the Almighty will grant you good health and a long life so that we continue to have your support and blessings for a long-long time in the years ahead to come. May you guide us always. Please accept our warm wishes and felicitations.
Neetii Kaoshik
Principal, AIS Sect 46, Gurgaon


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