Read Play and Win # 18
Student Name
Q.1 Who made the illustration of this edition’s cover story?
Q.2 Which art form is Abdul Gafur Khatri famous for?
Q.3 Who is the author of ‘The smelly monster’ story on page 4?
Q.4 Which cafe works on the model of peer to peer generosity?
Q.5 “Ramyeon, a dish originating in __ and redesigned by __...”
Q.6 Name the three artists who got interviewed on page 7.
Q.7 What is the headline of the article written by Vidhi Jain, AIS Vas 1, XII A?
Q.8 On which page can you find the article ‘The ethereal Kashmir’?
Q.9 Which school organised the event ‘IBPL presentations’?

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