A Helpful Friend in Disguise or A Plain Foe, Are We Ever to Know?
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Click to readWhile we sit on our couch just breathing, a lot of things happen around us, and sometimes in our very own country. We bring you the ones wor
Click to readTo integrate the importance of service amongst the youth, Amity Centre of Happyness, in collaboration with HCVO Bhumi Club, organised Sandwi
Click to readThe boundless, unexplored space has been a subject of investigation for us humans for decades now and even then, we know so little about it.
Click to readHeya! I have been wondering, well that is what I really do all day, and came to the conclusion that I have been cold lately, as in, unfriend
Click to readWhen you Google ‘inequality’, the first definition that pops up is ‘difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality’. Upon
Click to readCarved along the shores of Coromandel Coast lie a place with an abounding history unknown to many, an abode of historic structures displayin
Click to readWe never clapped from our balconies for them. We never lit candles as a sign of gratitude for them. While we sat at home feeling sorry for o
Click to readIt was a moment of great pride and immense happiness for the entire Amity family that under the leadership of Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairp
Click to readWe all have been blessed with that one person in our social circle who wears the guise of an intellectual, often posing as a profound thinke
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