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Click to readThe biggest musical act in the world, BTS, has announced a new anthology album titled ‘Proof’ to be released on June 10. The official trackl
Click to readWe have all time and again come across the saying that “pen is mightier than the sword”, and while it may be the case, the real question is
Click to readIf you ask me, “Ashmita, when do you feel stressed out?” I am most likely to reply cheekily, “All the time!”. You will then say, “Granted, b
Click to readHave you ever felt the need for someone empathetic and non-judgemental to whom you could just pour your heart out? Or have you ever been in
Click to readAs the promulgator of pluralism and cross-cultural consumption of artistic practices and products, globalisation predominantly embodies cons
Click to readThe human heart has always been stirred by tales of valour and adventure, and whenever we hear such stories, we cannot help but look up to t
Click to readIt was just another day when Riya, having given her students the scheduled online lecture, was indulged in the household chores. She was a s
Click to readOnce upon a time in a town called Parentine, there lived a boy named Henry. He was dearly loved by his parents who would always fulfil his d
Click to readClass VI-IX students participated in a special assembly based on the theme ‘Heritage’ held on April 25, 2022. The assembly held to commemora
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Do you think government should direct their attention towards promoting agri-startups in order to help implement climate-smart agricultural practices in rural India?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Can't say

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