" From LOL to tears of joy, from xoxo to hearts, emojis have changed the ways of digital communication. Try telling someone you liked something without the heart eyes. Go ahead, try it! With a message being incomplete without them, they truly have become an essential part of our every day vernacular. " More Info
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Click to readThe past few months have seen as many as 17 mob lynchings in the country. The latest addition being five nomadic tribals who were lynched in
Click to readChange is inevitable. It affects everyone. So, it really is no big deal if CBSE policies could not escape this phenomenon. But plot twist, a
Click to readAs we stood helpless on the street waving our hands in vain, no auto stopped by. Our minds travelled back to the time when mom, with just a
Click to readThere are times so low, when even gorging on tubs of ice cream does not seem to bring in any happiness. There are times you feel so bummed o
Click to readThis is the story of a privileged land – a land where everyone had a lot to be happy about, but they were still always gloomy, until one fin
Click to readStarting from a meagre savings of 20,000 INR to creating a company with an annual turnover of 40 crore, Satyam Sikarwar, MD, SAPInfra Techno
Click to readWe all know Indus as one of the primary rivers providing fresh water to the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent. However, nobody kno
Click to readImagine it is 9 PM; you have a test tomorrow with a huge syllabus to prepare. Suddenly, you get a text from your friend which reads ‘Going f
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