Acknowledging the Sensorial Aspect of Our Heritage and How!
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Click to readOnce the British Raj planted its feet firmly in Indian soil, it began to heavily influence and also alter our educational system that was ba
Click to readOne fine day as boredom pervaded the whole celestial sphere, all the planets decided to indulge in a festive affair; hosted by Earth, hereís
Click to readFruits and vegetables make up the largest chunk of our nutrition. However, their role is not just limited to a wholesome diet. Their signifi
Click to readThe invention of the internet has given the world a lot of precious things, and yet there is a crowd, consisting mainly of young millennials
Click to readIt was a cool summer evening and my cousins and I stood half a mile away from the dense forest near our grandmotherís house. All of us were
Click to readThe school celebrated its first virtual ĎAmifestí, an inter-school competition of extracurricular activities for Class KG - X, from Nov 28,
Click to readAnother feather was added to Amityís golden hat when Poonam Bhatt, TGT (Biology) from AIS Vas 6 was conferred with the prestigious NASI Sci
Click to readWhenever the colour of sky changes and rain comes knocking on my door, a wave of unknown excitement hits me. The alluring view from my windo
Click to readHumans! Truly a funny species! We have a tendency to do things that fit neatly in our comfort zone. Who makes the effort to actually grill a
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Painting By : Laisha Bhutani, AIS Vas 6, III A
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