Demystifying The Uncertainty Around The Fate Of The Big Screens
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Click to readWhile we sit on our couch just breathing, a lot of things happen around us, and sometimes in our very own country. We bring you the ones wor
Click to readAll of us have watched the saga of Ishaan Awasthi in Taare Zameen Par, whose daily struggles, viewed as mischief by his family, stemmed from
Click to readTEDx is a global platform that invites motivational speakers from different walks of life. Here, each of the speakers, through their inspiri
Click to readMeet Ilona Rezso, president of the Founding Committee of Skilled Women Worldwide, and Associate Judge for the Justice of Peace, Protection A
Click to readWeeks, years, decades, each day passes, the world keeps progressing into a newer direction. But as we keep trying to get a gl
Click to readA thunderstorm raged on wildly. Lester, a young scientist, reached his laboratory to work. His experiment was a bold one, one that warranted
Click to readIn a small town there lived an honest and diligent man, Rama. He had only known hardships ever since his father passed away, but that did no
Click to readThe young scientists of Amity etched the imprints of their innovative genius at the India International Science Fair (IISF 2020) held virtua
Click to readWith MUNs going online (all thanks to the tiny virus!) there has been a fear of missing out in the minds of everyone. Worry not! This articl
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Do you think the new Co-WIN app developed by the government would help in an effective vaccine drive across the country?
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Painting By : Laisha Bhutani, AIS Vas 6, III A
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