" On rare occasions, we summon courage to embark on a mission to sort through a messy drawer. Inevitably, we end up putting half of the belongings back. These are the objects we may not have even known we owned, yet we feel possessive of them. Honestly, who knows when you might need that neon inflatable pool for toddlers which hasnít seen the light of the day in years? However, the real problem arises when the macrocosm mimics the microcosm. The result is an entire world gradually Ö "
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Click to readOn October 16, 2018, Amity Business School, AUMP, held a National Conference with an aim to discuss the ĎEmerging Trends in Entrepreneurship
Click to readCasting a vote is of extreme significance in a democracy for it lays the very foundation of a nation. It gives individuals a chance to voice
Click to readAmity University, Madhya Pradesh organised Melange, its annual festival, on October 5, 2018. The event was a gala of talent and creativity s
Click to readTyrannosaurus, the undefeatable, stroked his jaw, eyes shining with intrigue. It was 7 billion AD in the human calendar, the year which had
Click to readLetís be honest, who has not had their head burn with anger when your sibling ate that piece of chocolate you saved, or your best friend upl
Click to readThose white-painted faces, a staunch red nose, over-sized multi-coloured clothes. They were supposed to make us laugh, but instead they inst
Click to readDr Ashok K. Chauhan is a name that resonates in every Amitianís heart. Founder President, Amity Universe is the guiding light for thousands
Click to readBeing a YouTuber is not an adultís play, which is why we have Kyra Kanojia, a 7-year old YouTube sensation with 10k followers. A third grade
Click to readPeople fall on metro tracks. Chaos rages, shrieks are heard. Mrs Sharma, shocked at the video she just received on WhatsApp turns to share i
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