Climate Change Adaptation – Adapting To Life In A Changing Climate
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Click to readCan you sharpen that pencil with ease? Is that notebook comfortable for you to write? If you have no difficulty in using these everyday obje
Click to readSay art and the first thing that comes to mind is hobby, passion or something that you indulge in to relax your senses. But this world of co
Click to readLong time ago, in the land of Mandalorian, there lived a huge family of 118 members. Each of the members had a special atomic number and a u
Click to readPhew! Finally, I can breathe in some fresh air. All thanks to the lady of the house, Mrs Malhotra, who opens up this wooden cabinet twice a
Click to readHow are you? That might be a hard question to answer for anyone in the world, especially considering how 2020 and 2021 have been extremely d
Click to readWe are living in a freshmen generation of social action, an era that has given an unprecedented platform to millions across the globe, where
Click to readNitin, a student preparing for IAS exam was on his way to his coaching when a notification popped up on his mobile screen. It read, ‘Indian
Click to readRohan came rushing into the police station. “Good evening, Sir, I am here to report a missing person,” he said, gasping for air. “Please wai
Click to readIt was Christmas day and Lori was all dressed up in her red jacket, a beautiful long red dress, and a red woolen cap. With a bouquet in one
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