The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare That We Usually Take No Notice of
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Click to readAfter England’s football team lost to Italy at the Euro 2020, hundreds of angry fans took to the streets and the Wembley stadium, and starte
Click to readAre you one of those people who believe that the only career you can have in biology is medicine? Well, we are here to burst your little bub
Click to read“Climate change is already happening, and it’s detrimental to human life, too.” Time and again, we all come across such disturbing and alarm
Click to readThe Global Times is pleased to be a part of the The World Teenage Reporting Project on Climate Champions. An initiative of Youth & News Medi
Click to readWe live in a new world, a world where social media reigns supreme and we find ourselves chasing dreams and aspirations the world of the inte
Click to readJustin was a curious teenager with a zealous inclination to learn new things. However, there were many hindrances impeding his inquisitive n
Click to readAs Florence sat on her desk in the classroom, she noticed a storm brewing outside. “Great! Now it is going to rain,” she mumbled to herself,
Click to readThe gruelling fight against COVID-19 continues on as we dream of getting our old normal back. All this while, the only sliver of hope we’ve
Click to readIt’s been more than a year since the virus and as an inevitable result, the lockdown dawned on us. A species that used to thrive in socialis
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Do you think the European Union’s ban on the sale of fossil-fuel cars, as part of the broad climate package, will be effective in reducing carbon footprint?
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