Endanger. Meaning - at the risk of being in danger. While we’ve seen the word associated with plants or animals, this time it comes prefixed with indigenous languages, which is why UN has declared 2019 as the ‘International Year Of Indigenous Languages’. So what are these indigenous languages and why are they in danger? An indigenous language is a native language spoken by indigenous populations. WHO defines indigenous communities …
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Click to read“It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on,” says a cheeky exhibit at the Sulabh International Toilet Museum. Located rather inconspicuous
Click to readDearest Amitians and countrymen, Lend me your ears for I come to complain. Before I begin my tale of woe, would thee be kind enough to wond
Click to readTelevision shows and movies have probably made us believe that a lawyer’s life is that of lies and manipulation, hence making it one of the
Click to readIt’s another cold day in South Georgia. Penguins, penguins…as far as eyes can see. In the midst of all the penguin chatter, Mr P is about to
Click to readSuperman: You know what- I can regenerate physical damage to my body at an accelerated rate. I was able to regenerate when Wonder Woman slit
Click to readEnter ‘The Doom Universal School’, where the staff room radiates hatred, hunger and determination to make the students’ life a living hell.
Click to readForget not sneezing with mouth open, never answering back…it’s 2019, the do’s of social life have changed and so have the don’ts. Pouring ke
Click to read“The Wish to Die: From soldiers of the War, to the millenial generation, the wish to find humour in death has remained unchanged.”
Click to read“40 ke 4! 40 ke 4!” he calls out as people gather around him. A crowd with individuals, each different from another gathers. The differences
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