" The decade gone by was one full of beautiful memories, of sensitising lives, of moments that scripted change, of victories and learnings, of courage and challenges, and of young champions who defied odds and pushed every limit. It was the decade of Youth Power. From nail biting to gripping, spectacular to speechless. " More Info
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Click to readThe Need: Increasing air and water toxicity and rampant adulteration of food reckon the diminishing quality of our natural surroundings. We,
Click to readToday, most of the people have a very hectic lifestyle, which is one of the primary reasons for increase in cardiovascular diseases. With an
Click to read...without it, countries and communities cannot function properly, leading to greater challenges in the long run. Development is impossible
Click to readWhen I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it was quite hard to believe it. The thought of being on a restricted diet for lifetime scared me
Click to readis a major challenge that looms large over the world, but could be overcome if we go the ‘management’ way. Sonia Garaga, Project Manager of
Click to readQuite often two different diseases have similar symptoms. It is only a doctor who can understand the subtle differences between similar appe
Click to readOnce upon a read The enchantment begins No matter what career you choose, personality development is important. And nothing builds your pers
Click to readFor most people, IQ is more important than EQ for it’s intelligence that can help one ace exams. However, what is required is to balance IQ
Click to readNot all stress is bad. Stress can be positive too, which is also known as ‘Eustress’. Positive stimuli like anticipation of victory, achieve
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Painting By : Laisha Bhutani, AIS Vas 6, III A
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