Should We Call The Nudge Theory A Dynamic Sway Or Classic Conditioning?
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Click to readThe relatively calm sphere, namely Earth, we occupy today has an unruly and fierce past. For some billion years ago, it was just a hot ball
Click to readIt was a beautiful evening. The air had a certain fragrance of joy and nostalgia, for I was with my friends. I hadnít seen them in a while n
Click to readThe artist: Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 Ė July 13, 1954) was best known for painting a series of self-portraits that deal with
Click to readMad still, are you? I know you are, but please hold on a minute before you toss away this letter. I know you donít like your boarding school
Click to readThe Tale Of Aviator Gunjan Saxena, The Woman Who Bleeds Blue Through And Through
Click to readIt was a steamy May afternoon and Anand hadnít slept a wink. In addition to the heat and the sombre presence of bugs, he was disturbed by th
Click to readOnce upon a time, there were four friends who decided to go hiking together. As they were on their way, they saw a beautiful parrot and deci
Click to readDressed Delegateí in their respective committees. School principal Manju Singh appreciated the eloquence and communication skills of young A
Click to readEvery Friday, the world of Amity witnesses splashes of colours, painting the school in vibrant hues. Diving into a feeling of camaraderie an
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According to you, which FIFA World Cup 2022 match had the most shocking outcome?
a) Saudi Arabia vs Argentina
b) Japan vs Germany
c) Japan vs Spain

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