The Bizarre Reality Behind Social Media’s Polarising Matrix
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Click to readNorth Korean leadership, on Jan 24, 2023, announced a five-day lockdown in the country over an ‘unspecified respiratory disease’. During thi
Click to readThis is a story of a small town called Joyland and its ever-so-effervescent Happiness Express, the prime train of the town that connected it
Click to readThere are plenty of languages in the world, roughly 7000 to be precise, but there’s one that is universal to all – the language of love. Fin
Click to readAs you walk through the allegedly eerie lanes of a perfectly ensconced (opposed to the popular belief) village in the Alwar district of Raja
Click to read“Hair is never a straightforward biological fact, because it is almost always groomed, prepared, cut, concealed, and generally worked upon b
Click to readJust as we stared at the board, the crevices of the wooden contraption suddenly started to seem more sinister than they originally appeared.
Click to readTrevor Noah: Hello, and welcome! I am your host, Trevor Noah, reporting live from the red carpet of the 65th Annual Grammy Awards held in LA
Click to readAashee Jha of Class X emerged as one of the top five state winners of UP in the Stamp Design Competition organised by the Department of Post
Click to readOne doesn’t have to be a barista or a coffee maniac to reckon the galvanic impact that a flagon of freshly-brewed concoction of milk and bea
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Do you think the Japanese governments aim to build a child-first social economy would help the country tackle its shrinking population?
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