" What happens when you’ve a nobel laureate for a teacher and Amitians for students? A historic day as one witnessed by AUUP and as one remembered by all. " More Info
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Click to readFun filled activities, workshops, inspiring addresses by eminent personalities from various walks of life-the event had all one could ask fo
Click to readScientists vouch for their existence. Movies have made us believe that we know how they look. But the question that still looms large is: wh
Click to readSchool is over. You will miss the morning bus ride. But getting up early in the morning? Perhaps, not so much!
Click to readWhy do stand-up comedians not wish each other ‘Happy ‘New’ Year’? Because they are busy laughing on the same ‘old’ jokes
Click to readDemonitisation - a decision so strong that it brought along panoramic changes- some throwing us into chaos, while some reinstating order
Click to readAll he could see was people screaming, crying, bullets being fired in all directions and people scurrying for life.
Click to readThe tale goes back to a time long ago, when a king ruled a flourishing kingdom. The king had all reasons to be happy - he was loved by every
Click to readStudents of Amity excel in National Aerobics Championship
Click to readThe heartbeats stopped, the cameras were alert and the students ready! As the action king of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar and the queen of hearts
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