Reading the aggravating headlines in the newspaper, reporting riots, agitations and unrest upon the Citizenship Amendment Act, I left the newspaper in my hands to find some peace and quiet within the pages of one of my favourite novels-Fahrenheit 451. However, the uncanny resemblance between the eruption of flames and violence to curb student protests, to the burning of books to...
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Click to readReports suggest that climate change might be the most serious yet ignored issue of our time. For those who still dont know, climate change
Click to readWhile preparing the plan of action for a tech competition, I proposed at the school meeting that we must focus on systemised reciprocal opti
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Click to readNot-so-dear mortals, Im sure you wont be happy hearing from me. And trust me, I am not happy writing to you, or anyone else for that matte
Click to readOver 150 Amitians from eight branches of Amity Group of Schools across Delhi/NCR participated and won laurels at the 22nd Hepatitis Day orga
Click to readThe younger ones master the art of savage retorts after years of teasing that would have once affected them gravely. On closer inspection, t
Click to readThe sands of time have often washed against me reminders to embrace the nostalgia that resides within my walls. Time and again, I nearly ref
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