" After the First World War ended, we were sure another would not take place. Ninety-eight years and one world war later, are we sure that a third wouldn't? " More Info
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Click to readScience theories - some of them are loaded with facts, while some are pure imagination. However, some strong science theories have the backi
Click to readLife is full of ‘should have’s’. Mom should have given you ice cream for lunch. Dad should have given you a blank cheque for pocket money. Y
Click to readSome celebrities are iconic, some are awe inspiring. Some are eternal. So eternal that even while they were resting in peace, there was com
Click to readDarkness has different meanings; for some a sense of calm from the hustle bustle of daily life, for others a scary entity not meant to be cr
Click to read‘Luck’, ‘fluke’ and ‘destiny’ were things they never believed in. Before they built empires, they built themselves, with qualities that can’
Click to read“Tu toh bhai hain yaar,” says almost every teenager. “My friends are more like my family,” says almost every teenager. Have we chosen our fa
Click to readA man who preserved the purity of language and presented every emotion with utmost sincerity, a wizard of words, a sensitive father and a pr
Click to readThey say that anytime is a good time to have a pickle. Because pickles are very accommodating, whether it’s your plate or your heart, they w
Click to readThe phone beeps. You have one unread email- Are you tired of spam emails flooding your inbox? Or do you want to know when will they actually
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ICSE has introduced Harry Potter, Feluda, Asterix, Tintin and other children’s fiction in their school syllabus. Should CBSE follow?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Can't say

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