Read Play and Win # 43
Student Name
Q.1 Which character comes from the story The Princess And The Pea in ‘Not such a fairy tale’?
Q.2 Which school has prepared this contest edition?
Q.3 What is the tagline of the article ‘An apple a day’ on page 12?
Q.4 Which Englishdominated chart did Life Goes On by BTS top?
Q.5 Which eminent personality has been interviewed on page 3?
Q.6 On what scientific concept is the story ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ based?
Q.7 What is the average price of ‘Martin acoustic guitars’?
Q.8 Name the ship mentioned in the travelogue by Parth Chhabra on page 5.
Q.9 Who is the editor-inchief of this contest edition?

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